Opening 11/11/2017    17-21


Photo "Sauna folks" by Jussi Puikkonen

Krista Autio, Miklos Gaal, Niklas Hallman, Raija Heikkilä, Miikka Heinonen, Tanja Konstenius, Ines Laukkanen, Kaisu Lundelin, Mikko Paakkola, Anni Paunila, Jussi Puikkonen, Anssi Pulkkinen, Anna-Maija Rissanen, Heidi Romo, Paavo Räbinä, Arttu Sailo, Elina Salminen, Carita Savolainen, Ulla Shemeikka, Vilja Tamminen, Taira Tiger, Riikka Wesamaa

Identity, from Greek Identitas, is a very rich and fascinating concept. It suggests both uniqueness and sameness: the uniqueness of an individual having his or her own character, history or fingerprint that makes it remain the same in spite of its constant transformation throughout the trials of its life; and the sameness between a person and other individuals of a same group, community, country or region. While it has been addressed in many ways in literature and philosophy the crucial concept of identity still remains mysterious and attractive and has inspired many artists who are also confronted with identify questions or identity crisis. Who am I? "Me, me, me and me; through me, about me, for me, of me... I, I, I and I. I am. I am not"*. Do I live or miss my true self? Am I myself? What am I doing here? Such questions may lead to baffling and surprising art works. 

This exhibition has been a common achievement of several Finnish artists either already established or emerging talents who have accepted to play with the universal and multifaceted theme of this exhibition. The fact that they are all Finnish and live either in Finland or in other places in Europe adds as an additional spice i.e. the question of the "Finnishness" or not.


* Kaisu Lundelin