Ines Laukkanen: Beneath the Surface

17/11 - 15/12/2018

Opening 17/11/2018 17-20

Ines Laukkanen is a Finnish artist living and working in Antwerp. She graduated with a master’sdegree in fine arts from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in 2017. The human figure is central in her work, as she examines the human condition with a psychological approach. Her work is a visual study of the layers of the human psyche. She aims to uncover what lies beneath the surface of human beings and everyday existence through painting. She is especially interested in the unconscious mind and works with themes such as the uncanny; a state of horror after repressed feelings surface and the intellectual uncertainty towards the opposition of the familiar to the unfamiliar. By using metaphors such as distortions in the image and dream-like scenes and atmosphere her aim is to create an eerie feeling of alienation, like the uncanny, which results to psychological tension between the work and the spectator. She works with oil paint on canvas, following classical ways of figurative painting that collide with abstract distortions of the image. Inspired by the language of film, especially those of Andrei Tarkovsky and David Lynch, she aims to create film-still like images where the spectator has a nearly voyeuristic view of the subject. With great sensitivity to the materiality of oil paint, she experiments with the paint as a metaphor for the themes in her work.